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Services Offered…

*Total Body Analysis (TBA) is the main system that I use to help heal your body and maintain its health. It uses an advanced form of kinesiology, which is based on the fact that your body draws a current when it comes across something, like a vitamin, that it needs. The TBA system allows me to use those natural currents to figure out if there is anything harmful in your body, such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses or any other toxins that prohibit new cell growth. Along with finding those, I test your body for  disease-causing agents, allergies, nutrition levels, and stress. Once the TBA is done, an all-natural remedy is made that you take in order to help aid and activate your body to start its healing process as well as detox out the harmful agents.

Unlike medicines that simply target symptoms, the TBA process was created to identify the main problem and rid your body of the symptom by fixing the cause. It is based on the fact that our bodies are capable of amazing healing abilities through constant self-renewal. The key to a healthy body is understanding what we can do to eliminate the toxins that we naturally consume. TBA is the key to this understanding.

Price for an Adult TBA: $70.00

Also, for every person you get $10 off an appointment!

Child TBA (12 years old and under): $50.00

Pet TBA: $50.00

*Body Reset- Stress can have a profound effect on the body's systems. Sometimes it affects us so much that it causes aches and pains or just simply alters the balance of our body. If you are feeling "off" and you cannot figure out why, the cause may be a lack of balance due to stress. A body reset unblocks those stresses and brings your body back to its natural balance. 

Price for Reset: $10.00

*Zyto Scan-Scanner that you place your hand on that sends a current through your body to scan it for any factors that are not positive for our body. It categorizes these and connects them with the Young Living Essential oil that will help your body to push out these factors. This takes 10 minutes and comes with a print out.

Price for Scan-$10.00

*Ionic Foot Bath
- This is a way to charge your cells in your body in order to help them to flush and cleanse. It is basically a reset for your body!

Price for Foot Bath Varies with the amount of time you do the bath. Price starts at $45.00

*Raindrop Therapy-This is a technique that focuses on the energy and healing in your spine and bottom of feet. Essential oils are used together with feathering movements along the spine to help your body to allow your spine to settle into a straight position and to distress. Please note this involves over 50 drops of Essential oils within an hour time.

Price for Raindrop $80.00 (Takes 45 minutes)



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